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by Peter Osborne on May 5, 2010 · 1 comment

Michael D. Brown and Peter Osborne, the founders of Consultant Launch Pad, come at the subject from different directions.  We met at a C-level networking meeting — Mike was presenting and Peter was seeking ways to leverage his journalism skills and ability to quickly learn a business to expand his job search into other industries. 

Mike has a successful consulting practice and speaks often on the subject; Peter is like many of our visitors who are straddling the fence between consulting and a full-time job search (i.e., deciding whether to treat consulting as his future or as part of an audition strategy). but his core competencies align nicely with the mission of this site

What brought us together was a desire to make the choice easier for the next person, to anticipate questions and to provide you with a road map to making the decision, setting up your practice, and doing the things you need to do to be successful.  We know that must be lots of other experienced consultants who are willing to help the new guys get some traction.  And we also expect that all of us can learn a lot from each other, regardless of whether this is your first day or you’ve been consulting for 20 years.


Peter Osborne

Peter Osborne’s entire career has been about ensuring that the true value of a company’s brand, product, or service is crystal-clear to its various constituencies.  That was great news for the credit card companies that he worked for, but not always such good news for the companies he covered as a business journalist.

Peter has more than 25 years of leadership and project/brand management success, specializing in affinity-partner sales and management, marketing production, curriculum development, and P&L revitalization.  He has additional executive experience in business journalism, media relations, and internal communications.

Ask people what he does well and they’ll normally tell you some combination of eliminating barriers to marketing success; creating consistency and synergy across business areas; and/or he’s Communications Windex, crafting crystal-clear messages (assuming you know people who talk like that).  What they’ll also tell you is he’s a bulldog — tenacious and relentless — and that’s why he’s named his company Bulldog Management Solutions and his blog Bulldog Simplicity.

Peter spent 17 years at MBNA America and Bank of America (through merger) in a variety of senior communications and marketing/partner management positions within the credit card operations.  Most of his accomplishments center around sharpening brand and strategic messages to increase sales and partner retention, improve RFP and negotiation “close” ratios, and drive employee engagement.  He believes his journalism experience enables him to get up to speed quickly and deliver a simple, “sticky” message (and write a lot in short periods of time).

Peter is a graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in newspaper journalism.  And yes, it’s best not to point out to him how the Orange’s football, basketball, and lacrosse teams did this past year if you’re trying to get him to help you out.

Michael D. Brown

Michael D. Brown is president of StrategyMark, Inc., a firm he founded in 2004 that provides consulting services in the specialty chemicals industry.  Michael is also managing partner of TZ Chemicals International Pty Ltd, a consulting and data publishing firm he helped start in January 2010. 

Michael has been a consultant for 12 years and has 30 years of experience in marketing and business management of coatings and engineered plastics.  He is considered an international expert on the specialty chemicals market and speaks regularly at trade organizations and the financial community where his deep insight of the industry is well-known.

Previously, Michael was global director of Coatings at Quaker Chemical Corp. Prior to that, he was a vice president at ChemQuest Group, a specialty chemicals consultancy, where he advised clients on business planning, strategy development, and market intelligence.

He has more than 18 years of management experience with DuPont Automotive involving product development, marketing management and business management of coatings and engineered plastics. He was also a board member at Finnaren and Haley Paint Company.

Mike holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Kansas State University.

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