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by Peter Osborne on August 25, 2010 · 1 comment

You’ve heard the stories about hundreds of people applying for the same executive position.   Or maybe you lay awake at night wondering why nobody seems interested in your consulting services.

Part of the problem may be your LinkedIn profile.

Let’s face it.  Resumes are not your first impression.  People Google you.  They search on your name — or on specific search terms — on LinkedIn before they find you.  If you’ve got the right keywords, they find you.  If they find you interesting, maybe they follow up — with an Invitation to Connect or an InMail.

Are you getting many of those kinds of notes from people you don’t know?

Does your LinkedIn profile set you apart from the crowd?

Be honest, is your LinkedIn profile boring?  Does it give readers a good picture of who you are, rather than what you’ve done?  Does it tell people what you want or how you can help them? Does it say to readers, “This is someone remarkable and I want to learn more about them?”

Here are a few clues that your LinkedIn profile may fall short – whether you’re looking for a full-time position, trying to find work as a consultant, or just want to stay visible in the marketplace:

  • Headline that lists your job title and company or a boring description
  • Summary that only lists accomplishments…or no summary at all
  • A low number for Profile Views or Search Results

The list goes on.  Take a look at my LinkedIn Profile and compare it to yours.  My profile was recently added to the Top 15 “Profiles on LinkedIn to Learn From,” and I’ve recently worked with readers of the popular JibberJobber.com job-search blog to improve their profiles.
I have helped job-seekers, established consultants, and new businesses strengthen their LinkedIn profiles by better highlighting their brand identity and emphasizing specific keywords.  And I can do the same for you!

For $250 — $200 for clients who have been unemployed for more than 12 months because I feel your pain – I will provide you with a selection of new Headlines, a revised Summary, and at least five specific recommendations of ways you can improve your visibility with prospective employers or clients.  I’ll send you a questionnaire that will help me highlight your strengths.  Within 48 hours, your new profile can be up and running and you’ll quickly see the results – more views, more search results, and hopefully more contacts. 

Ready to move forward and differentiate yourself on LinkedIn?  You can use PayPal to purchase this service (sorry about the weird-looking button-I’ve asked PayPal how to fix it), or feel free to contact me at bulldogsimplicity@gmail.com to discuss further.

Pricing Options

  “I came to Pete looking for assistance around my career communications. He listened to the points I made and took time to fully understand my background. Pete provided me with a full set of suggestions around my career branding, packaging and communications. This included written documentation and a sound strategy around social media, web pages and blogs. Almost immediately after implementation, my LinkedIn account showed a sustained 200% increase in page views. I subsequently received many unsolicited and positive comments on my “new” LinkedIn presence. Pete has superior skills in translating complex information into common terms and effectively organizing ideas for presentation and acceptance. It was a pleasure working with Pete and I highly recommend him.”
Ed Kerbs
March 2010 

“Peter has an uncanny ability to listen intently, ask insightful questions, and convert his new-found understanding into crystal clear messages, all in a remarkably short amount of time. Peter followed his 30 minute interview of me with a prompt and dramatically improved re-write of my Linked In profile that resulted in me being included in 6 recruiter searches and one recruiter telephone call within the following 7 days!
George Wasilczyk
March 2010


Peter Osborne helped us create a clear and compelling message for our Business Intelligence start-up company. We had clearly defined our offer and target customers, but we needed a concise statement to explain our value proposition to prospects. Peter researched our industry, read through our materials, and interviewed me to get a solid understanding of our business. He then quickly delivered a revised overview statement that I was able to immediately send out to several prospects, even while we were finalizing the wording and layout. Peter took the time to understand our business well enough that we could trust the outcome of his work. That’s a real strength, and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs this kind of help.
Bob Scott
President, Scott & Bilander, LLC
September 2009

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