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60 Experts, 60 Minutes (total), 100+ Great Tips

by Peter Osborne on July 12, 2010 · 0 comments

If you listened in to the Shortest Marketing Conference Ever, you probably came out of it with your Longest List of To Do items ever.  The Influencer Project, sponsored by ThoughtLead, brought together 60 big names in online media and gave them 60 seconds each to tell listeners how they can increase their digital influence.

Success often requires looking at things from a different perspective (like this view of the Golden Gate Bridge)

There were similar themes.  Offer great content and make it available for free.  Get involved with other people’s networks.  Get offline. I particularly liked Michael Port’s suggestion about consistency.  Port, the author of Book Yourself Solid (which you can buy through Amazon in our affiliate column, says,  “Consistency demonstrates commitment…if you are consistent, they’re going to keep coming back.  You’re going to earn their trust because…they believe that you’re committed to them for the long haul.”  Port advises that you be consistent in when you write (schedule it for the same time every day), when you post, the approach you take.  The idea of merging time management and my online activites is one I need to embrace more actively.

The bullets below are excerpts of advice that particularly resonated with me.  I’ve also provided links from their names to their sites.  And in the next day or so, I’ll be adding links from these experts to our Blogs and Links page because this is a road map to the best of what’s on the web.   Here’s a copy of the Influencer Project Transcript and a link to a page where you can download the audio.  Take your pick (the transcript is also available on our Downloads page), but I urge you to take the time to read or listen to the whole thing.

  • David Meerman Scott:  “If you want to get noticed…stop talking about your products and services…what (people) care about are themselves.  And they care very, very deeply about solving their problems…If you can create valuable content…you will be successful.”
  • Carol Roth:  “The best way to build influence online is by aligning yourself with outstanding strategic partners.  And to do that, you need to start those relationships (by commenting) on the blogs, tweet and retweet, and otherwise find ways to interact with and to give to people that you want to learn more about.”
  • Laurel Touby:  “To increase your digital influence, you have to have a clue about what everyone’s talking about…I challenge you: On the first day of the month, assign yourself three digital trends you’ve been hearing about, and go do a test drive…For example, (register for FourSquare or GroupOn, or an online iPad demo.  There’s a great site called…Check it out and even if you never use it again, you’re gonna be the smartest person in the room at the next cocktail party you go to.”
  • Dave Navarro:  ”Find people who have your audience already, but are not selling them the kind of things you’re selling and co-create some products with them…What happens is their audiences, goodwill, and credibility shifts over to you, and you get to be associated with some of the larger names in the business.”
  • Jim Kurkral:  “Consider Facebook advertising.  Not a lot of people realize that you can go on Facebook and you can run ads on profiles of specific groups of people.  On people in certain regions and locations, down to zip codes.”
  • John Jantsch:  Get very, very good at filtering and aggregating content…I think one of the master skills now is to be able to sort through all that content and be able to deliver it to people at the right time, the right size, the right amount.”
  • Robbin Phillips:  “It’s not about digital.  It’s about people — real human beings, just like you and me. It’s about passion conversations, not product conversations…Let your passion shine. Share who you are and what you stand for with the world.”  By the way, I love the Brains on Fire blog (PAO)!
  • Nathan Hangen:  “If you really want to build influence then your job is to make something — whether it’s a product, a business, or a message — worth talking about.”
  • Guy Kawasaki:   “Repeat your tweets.  I have found that by repeating tweets you get about the same amount of click-throughs for each time you repeat it…I repeat them four times every eight hours.”
  • David Bullock:  “To get more influence online, move offline.  Too many times people take the online market and just sit there, hoping that people are going to come and bump into them.  They’re not going to bump into you unless they have a reason to.” 
  • Vanessa Fox:  “Start with understanding your audience, and really what their needs are and the asks that they’re trying to accomplish.  (Don’t just) attract people from search…and instantly try to sell them on (your) product…Answer their questions, solve their problems.”
  • Sergio Balegno:  “Invest more time mapping a strategy for not just using social media, but for integrating social media with other tactics.” 
  • Mitch Joel:  “If you want to increase your digital influence, then get active in other people’s communities…Get out of your own head and get into other people’s spaces.”
  • Brian Clark:  (First,) ”Learn to be a storyteller…narrative — it’s what makes us human…No. 2, Understand the psychology of people, because that’s what social media is all about.  And number three, your content has to be quality.  Production values matter if you’re going to get the attention you want.”

Which tips particularly resonated with you?  Which ones can you implement in the next 60 days?